Cats in a change of fur: anti-hairball products

While the brush, lint roller and animal hair vacuum cleaner are intended to curb cat hair problems in the home, other products should assist the cat in changing the fur. The options are: Cats changing their fur: anti-hairball products - Image: Shutterstock / Vincenzo Iacovoni

1. Reward and care at the same time: anti-hairball snacks

Anti-hairball snacks work with natural food fibers to prevent hairballs and have a similar effect to malt products: they ensure that swallowed hair is naturally excreted before it sticks and forms hairballs inside the cat. They are available online, in drugstores and in pet stores.

2. Special dry food for hairball reduction

Special dry food with an anti-hairball effect is said to offer a long-term solution to hairballs, which can be useful, for example, for long-haired cats that are hairy all year round. This variety contains psyllium and microfibers, which show their effect after about 21 days and promote the natural leaving of hairballs.

3. Delicious malt paste with anti-hairball effect

Malt paste is a welcome snack in almost all cats and can be given in between or added to the food. Malt is a tried and tested remedy for hairball formation and is supplemented in this paste by fats and long-fiber cellulose. Malt products for cats are also available in the form of treats and special cat food.

4. Anti hair ball dry spray for the cat fur

This dry spray does not address the hairy problem with the food, but with the cat's fur. If you apply a little of it to the brush and comb the cat with it, it is particularly easy to massage the spray into the cat's fur. There it should develop its nourishing effect with thistle oil, calendula extract and other ingredients and reduce hairballs. No artificial colors and parabens are used in this product.

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