Choose a transport box for your cat

Even if your cat would probably prefer to do without it: Now and then she has to bite the sour apple and take a place in the transport box. You should make this experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible. A good and suitable transport box is essential for this. Make your cat's stay in the transport box as comfortable as possible - Image: Shutterstock / Henrik Larsson

No matter which transport box you choose: It is important that your cat can get used to it for a while, go in as voluntarily as possible and only have a good experience in it. If you have to go fast, you can save your cat additional stress and ensure that the transport is as little as possible fearful.

But not every model is equally suitable for every animal. In order to find the right model for your darling, there are a few tips to consider.

Transport boxes made of plastic

Plastic transport boxes are the all-rounders among cat boxes and are suitable for cats of all ages. They are stable, easy to clean and very safe.

Many boxes offer the option of not only opening them from the front, but also from above. This makes it a little easier to put the cat in and out, which is particularly beneficial for the veterinarian.

When choosing a transport box, it is particularly important that it is large enough. A Maine Coon cat takes up more space than a tender Siamese cat, and your cute four-legged friend shouldn't suffer from claustrophobia on the way to the vet.

The box should be easy to carry and possibly have a padded shoulder strap for heavy cats. The processing of the grille for closing and opening should be stable and tested briefly before use.

Transport bags and wicker baskets

Transport bags are made of nylon and have a solid bottom. They can usually be opened on several sides and have mesh inserts that allow enough air to enter your pocket.

They are also easy to clean, easy to carry and easier to store than transport boxes. They are particularly suitable for small, light cats.

Wicker baskets are the particularly pretty versions of the transport boxes, but they have a small disadvantage: they can only be opened at the front and are therefore not for the most frightened house tigers.

It can be difficult to get them in and out, so baskets are not suitable for every cat.

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