Four toy mice to keep your cat busy

Every cat likes to hunt mice, but not all velvet paws have the opportunity to do so in the wild. If you keep your cat in the apartment and don't want to withhold the fun of the mice, you need the right toy. Here are four sweet suggestions. Four toy mice to keep your cat busy! - Image: Shutterstock / dragi52

Sweet pictures: cats who really want to play

Cats are hunters by nature and extremely skilled. Our beloved and well-fed house tigers naturally follow their instinct more than their hunger when hunting. Still, hunting for a toy mouse can really bring life to the booth - and we don't want to withhold the fun from them, do we?

1. The classic: cuddly mouse with valerian

Cuddle, play, hunt: everything goes with this cuddly mouse. It is made of soft plush and is filled with valerian to become a special attraction for your cat. If the scent wears off, you can refresh it by rubbing the mouse. Throw the toy mouse for your cat and let it chase after you. Maybe you can even teach her to retrieve?

2. For hunting: the mouse on the toy rod

The fun of playing with this mouse comes very close to that in nature, with the small difference that you can also play and no one is harmed. With the fishing rod you can also get the laziest house tiger on their toes, because the mouse not only moves, but also beeps and is therefore the best seller for the house tigers.

3. The slightly different mouse toy: great fun with "Catch the Mouse"

With this toy, the cat has to make an effort to get the little plush mouse, because it is not easy to grasp. Of course, this makes the whole thing particularly interesting for the cat and keeps it busy for quite a while. To keep it interesting, you should always take this toy, which is also suitable for sharpening your claws, for a while and then put it back down.

4. The mouse with the laser pointer

This toy does not hunt the mouse itself, but the little red dot that it throws on the floor, sofas or scratching posts thanks to the integrated laser. There are few cats that are not immediately on hand for this pleasure. Just be careful when playing that you never accidentally shine your four-legged friend in the eyes, because this damages the retina.

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