Four game rods that get cats going

Game fishing is wonderful for animating house tigers to play, have fun and move around. So that it really works, the classic cat toys are designed in a variety of ways and designed with many extras and lots of variety. Four fishing rods that get cats going - Image: Shutterstock / Sushaaa

1. Fun with Garfield: The cat fishing with a comic book model

Not only house tigers have something from this cat fishing, but also their owners - at least if they are real Garfield fans. The cozy red cartoon tomcat is usually known for being lazy, but in a toy form it is responsible for keeping your cat busy. To make playing even more fun, the plush trailer in the Garfield design rustles when touched and thus challenges the hunting instinct of the four-legged friends.

2. Stable classic: the leather hinge with feathers

Sometimes it doesn't take much to inspire cats with a toy. A few leather strips and feathers, which are attached to a fishing rod, are enough to give agile house tigers great pleasure and to encourage them to play.

3. Sweet game fishing rod with bird voice and catnip scent

This fluffy little candidate is particularly adept at piquing the curiosity of even the coziest domestic cat. How does he do it? With catnip scent, bird beeps and of course the rod on which it hangs. There, even room tigers, who are not allowed outside, almost feel like they are on the open.

4. Beautiful game fishing rods made of natural material

This game fishing rod brings a little nature into the living room. Stable, pretty to look at and with a chic pendant it is a hit with cats of all sizes. It does without plastic and other environmentally harmful materials, without it being noticeable in the price.

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