Cats prove: Not only dogs love tennis balls

Cats prove: Not only dogs love tennis balls

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Rough, clever or elegant: Every cat has its own way of playing with tennis balls. This video shows the most beautiful moments of fun game units with a ball that otherwise almost only excites dogs!

At the beginning of the video, the woolly kitten is playing cute and adorable with the interesting yellow ball, which actually seems to be much too big for it. Fascinating as always is the elegant Bengal cat, which from minute 0.20 shows once again that it is rightly described as one of the sportiest and most beautiful domestic tigers in the world.

Even the otherwise leisurely Persian thinks tennis balls are great and the tabby cat a little later shows real tricks when playing with the great yellow balls. Tennis balls are only for dogs? Not even close!

Kittens on the ball: cute little sports cannons

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