Adopting a cat from the farm: requirements

If you want to adopt a farm cat, it could be a challenge. Because the small wild catches are usually not Small farm cats are often very shy - Shutterstock / Sidhe

used to people and have learned to take care of themselves. Therefore, farm cats need a lot of patience and love to engage in a life as a family member.

It's difficult, but not impossible, to adopt a farm cat as a family kitty. The farmer regards his cats primarily as farm animals that keep annoying mice and other unwanted guests away from the yard. If his velvet paws then have offspring, he usually doesn't know what to do with them. Farm kittens are often given away for this reason, but are then neither examined by a veterinarian, nor vaccinated, dewormed or chipped. In addition, their trust in people is initially limited.

A farm cat needs a lot of patience

Before you bring a cat from the farm to you, you should carefully consider whether such a small whirlwind suits you. For example, if you live in an apartment, it can be difficult. The farm cat is used to struggling outside and usually needs its freedom. If you make such a stray cat a house cat, it would most likely make the kitty unhappy.

However, if you have a large garden in which the velvet paw can roam to your heart's content, that's a good requirement. However, be aware that you and the small tomboy will take a while before you really get closer. Allow this time for the freedom-loving fur nose and be patient. Talk to the cat gently, hold her a treat from time to time or let her sniff your hand. At the beginning, she will probably shy away from it, but gradually she can become more trusting.

Farm cats enjoy life to the fullest

Small whirlwinds are not cuddly tigers

If you are looking for a velvet paw that you can cuddle with often and extensively, a farm cat is not necessarily the best choice. Even with a lot of patience, the whirlwind will not become a cuddly kitten that can be petted on your lap for hours. However, if you can live with the fact that your wild catch is independent and headstrong from the farm and prefers to spend hours exploring the area, then such an animal is just right for you.

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