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Farm cat: give time to settle in

If you want to buy a cat from the farm, you should consider a few things beforehand. Especially if your new animal friend's home is an apartment, be sure to be patient. After all, the former freelancer has to get used to the new life situation. These tips will help you get used to it. A farm cat needs patience to get used to it - Shutterstock / JetKat

It seems so simple: give the lovely kitten from the farm a new home in which it feels completely comfortable. But be careful: it is often not easy for the velvet paw to get used to it. Read here what you should pay attention to from the outset and how you can support your new darling.

Kittens from the farm: free access required

They take hearts by storm: the cute young cats from the farm that you may have seen on your last vacation in the country. You should reconsider the decision to take one or two of the kittens into your home. You can also raise the clumsy velvet paws to house tigers, but you are not always doing yourself and your new companions a favor. The freedom-loving animals need enough exercise and are often already set up to live as hunters. A house with a garden or an apartment with walking opportunities would be the ideal prerequisite.

Farm cats enjoy life to the fullest

Give the cat enough rest

Life on the farm is usually less noisy and hectic - the nimble four-legged friends feel that just like we humans. Your cat should get used to the noise of vacuum cleaners, hair dryers and the shouting of children. Tip: A quiet household is better suited to settling in than a large family with many children.

Of course, the little ones want to pet and hug the new pet. For the cat, however, this means above all stress - after all, it is not used to being close to humans. Therefore, make sure there are enough rest areas that the kitten can use in his new home.

Adopting a cat from the farm: requirements

If you want to adopt a farm cat, it could be a challenge. Becauseā€¦

For now, the following applies: less is more

In the beginning, you should provide the stray farms with a rather sparsely furnished room. Nevertheless, essentials such as food, toilet and toys must be available here. Gradually you can explore the other rooms with your curious friend and get to know each other. After a while, your companion will build trust in you, be more stress-resistant and also get used to the new environment - the best prerequisites for a cuddly future.

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