Kitten "Peeps" finds a new home

Kitten "Peeps" finds a new home

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Foundling kitten Peeps had no easy start in his little cat life: he was born with a deformed hind leg and should be put to sleep in the animal shelter. Fortunately, before it got that far, it was adopted by dear people. In this video, Peeps meets his new roommate for the first time.

Peeps was small and weak when its new owners took it home. At the animal shelter, they had been sure they couldn't find a home for the little cat and wanted to put them to sleep on the very same day that the prospective customers came by. The veterinarian of Peep's new owners had good news for her: apart from the fur on the legs, her kitten was completely healthy and would soon be able to walk better.

Water therapy and certain exercises should help him learn to move the legs and that worked out wonderfully: after a while of daily training, the little one runs, jumps and plays almost as beautifully as other cats. And when you see him like this with his new buddy, you're sure that Peeps has found a home for life, right?

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