Nordic walking with a dog: with these tips it works

Nordic walking with a dog: with these tips it works

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Are you a fan of Nordic Walking and would you like to take your dog with you on your excursions? With the right tips, you and your four-legged friend can have a lot of fun working out in nature. Don't forget Nordic Walking: The water bottle - Image: Shutterstock / Sean Locke Photography


First, ask yourself whether your dog can walk freely next to you or whether he needs a leash. If he is well behaved and listens to his word, you can do without the leash. However, if your animal sports buddy is easily distracted so that there is a risk of it running away from you, a leash may be a good idea. However, a normal model can quickly be a hindrance when walking. The so-called "Lazy Lead" is just the right thing here, because it was specially developed for Nordic Walking with dogs. You carry the leash on your wrist so that you have your hands free for the Nordic Walking poles.

Get your dog used to Nordic walking sticks

Before you start, you should get your dog used to the Nordic Walking poles. This works best if you take the fitness equipment for a walk - for example as a hiking stick. Show your dog again and again that the sticks pose no danger: leave them open in the apartment so that they can sniff them. Maybe he can even playfully step over the sticks so that he realizes that the sports equipment can't harm him. So your sporty four-legged friend will probably no longer notice the Nordic Walking poles when they go out together.

Important tip: think of sufficient fluids

Regardless of whether you spend just half an hour or all day Nordic walking: Always provide your dog with enough water! Get a small backpack, a bum bag or a so-called drink belt, in which you can store water for yourself and your dog. A little tip: A small backpack is best for a longer Nordic walking tour because it offers the most storage space and is also the most comfortable to carry. You can also stow away a few treats here on the go.

Tow lines for walks and dog training

Tow lines are very long lines that are practical for various dog training units ...

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