Caring for cat eyes: what you should pay attention to

Caring for cat eyes is actually not a task that you as a keeper have to take care of. However, there are exceptional cases where your velvet paw needs your help. The care of the cat's eyes is only necessary in certain cases - Image: Shutterstock / Eric Isselee

Cats are very neat animals. For the velvet paws, personal hygiene is part of everyday life. The cat's eyes are never neglected: You have probably already observed how your cat first licks its paw and then strokes it with your closed eye. With some cat breeds, however, eye care is quite complicated, so you should intervene to help.

Grooming cat eyes in Persian cats

The long-haired Persian cat, for example, has a fairly flat face by nature, its eyes are quite large and strongly curved outwards - this makes it sometimes very difficult for this breed to care for the eyes thoroughly. In addition, the tear duct in these animals is quite narrow, so the eyes often water. You should remove the teardrops daily not only for optical reasons. Infections could also occur if you don't. A cotton swab is the suitable tool for this.

Inflammation of the eyes

Most other breeds of cat do not usually need help with eye care - unless there is infection or inflammation. Signs of this include, for example, increased tearing or even crusting. But even if your cat frequently wipes its paw over its eye or keeps pinching it, there may be inflammation. In this case, you should see a veterinarian who can prescribe eye drops or an ointment for you.

To administer the medication, place your house tiger on your lap, hold it loosely, and tilt your head slightly upwards as you slide the lid back so that you can get close to the cat's eyes. Now you can apply the drops or the ointment. The procedure should go as quickly as possible so that your cat can endure it more often in an emergency. Try it first with a few dry exercises without the medication - this way your velvet paw gets used to the procedure.

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