Cat ears: That's why regular check-ups are important

Cat ears are not only very sensitive, but also require care. Therefore, you should check the ears of your velvet paw regularly and have a veterinarian keep an eye on it from time to time. Are the ears clean? Regular inspection is important - Image: Shutterstock / Ermolaev Alexander

Cat ears have a lot to do every day: they listen to the slightest noise, turn in almost every direction and always have to be vigilant. That is why they are so sensitive: they have to react to the smallest of stimuli, because in the wild it often depends on hunting success or even your own life. Even if your little tiger listens to other things nowadays, you shouldn't neglect the care of his ears.

The right care for dirt

When your velvet paw cleans itself, the sensitive cat ears are naturally included. As a rule, a cat owner does not have to do much to care for the ears. A regular look into your eavesdropper's eaves is still important. By regularly checking your cat's ears, you can prevent contamination from causing inflammation or other diseases, for example. Healthy cat ears are clean, dry and odorless.

If you notice dirt or residues on the outside of the cat's ears, more precisely on the ear cups, you can remove them yourself with a damp cloth. The situation is different with dirt in the inner ear. Due to the high risk of injury, the inside of the ear should only be cleaned by a veterinarian.

Mites infestation in cat ears

If you notice more black spots on your cat's ears, the alarm bells should ring for every cat lover. It could be mites. If your animal also scratches and shakes frequently, this is another signal that your velvet paw is struggling with the small parasites. Now even the best care doesn't help: you should make an appointment with the vet urgently. This is also the first point of contact when you discover secretions escaping in the cat's ear - usually a symptom of inflammation. Recognized early enough and professionally cared for, the room tiger can soon prick up its ears again curiously.

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