Easter fire: a danger to animals

Easter fire: a danger to animals

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The Easter fire is a tradition in many places. Fires are lit in numerous cities and towns every year. But what is beautiful to look at is also a danger to animals. You can find out why here. For which animals is the Easter fire a danger? - Image: Shutterstock / Ivonne Wierink


At Easter, it is a tradition in many places on Holy Saturday or Easter Sunday to light an Easter fire. It is a custom of Germanic-pagan origin in which people celebrate the beginning of spring. The wooden buildings for the Easter fire are often completed a few days before they burn. However, this can be very dangerous for animals.

Why are Easter fires dangerous for animals?

A heap of wood and brushwood is the ideal shelter for animals - the material for the Easter fire is not excluded. For this reason, wood that has already been piled up should be layered again before the Easter fire is lit.

Shaking the pile of wood is not enough to drive away animals that have made themselves comfortable in it. Instead of fleeing, she would rather remain calm and continue to hide.

For which animals is the Easter fire a danger?

• birds

Birds like titmouse, robin or even the rare wren like to use the Easter bonfire for their nest building. The prepared wooden mountains are an ideal retreat for them. Here the birds can supposedly breed in peace.

• Small mammals

Not only do birds find shelter in the seemingly harmless wooden buildings, but also small mammals such as field mice or martens. Wild rabbits are also attracted to the preparations for the Easter fire. They are fast animals, but fire can also be fatal to them. In addition, hedgehogs prefer to nest in it to have their young.

• amphibians

Toads or other amphibians are also affected. The Easter fire also poses a danger to them. They like to seek shelter in the shady and damp undergrowth of the heap.

Warn animal rights activists

Precisely because the fuel for an Easter fire is collected some time before it burns down and many animals use it as a hiding place or breeding site, it is all the more important to erect the wooden structures just before the Easter fire or to rearrange them again. At least that's what animal rights activists demand, including that of the "Animal Rights Watch".

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