Romping is fun: dog toys for whirlwinds

Some dogs cannot get enough of running, jumping and romping and are accordingly fans of exciting toys. With these models you can properly power out your active four-legged friend and make him happy.

1. And action! Fun to play with the Frisbees

Frisbee playing is always possible - and is an ideal way to make dogs with a lot of power tired when playing. Be sure to get a bite-proof frisbee slice that won't splinter if your dog retrieves it and wears it with your teeth. This model also has a special additional function: thanks to its special coating, it does not dazzle the dog when playing in the sun.

2. It's fun: tug of war and retrieving

This dog toy guarantees fun on various levels and is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized dogs. Robust and made without pollutants, it can be used for retrieval training and is also a lot of fun when dogs and owners organize a little tug of war with them.

3. Great toy for water lovers

If you have a dog at home who can't get enough of splashing around in the water, you're sure to enjoy it with a waterproof retriever toy. This stable water toy made of neoprene is particularly visible thanks to its striking color, can swim and of course also be washed.

4. Play, feed and drive away boredom

This dog toy has it all: it can be filled with dog snacks and becomes even more interesting for your curious pet. Let's see what you can think of to free the coveted treats from it!

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