Cane Corso: That's how he is

The Cane Corso - also known as the Italian mastiff - is a large, strong dog with a calm nature and a pronounced awake instinct. If you want to buy a representative of this breed, you should be familiar with the peculiarities of this breed. A good upbringing makes the Cane Corso a calm, reliable dog - Shutterstock / Dejan Stanic Micko

If you get to know a well-behaved Cane Corso, you will probably be surprised that the calm dog with the friendly nature is classified as a list dog in some German regions and therefore potentially dangerous. For experienced dog owners, the Cane Corso develops a very pleasant character. In the wrong hands, however, his pronounced guard and protection instinct can also turn into a negative.

Cane Corso: A watchdog with passion

The strong four-legged friend from Italy is a loyal dog who does not want to leave his owners at all. On the other hand, he usually tends to be uninterested in meeting people he doesn't know. It can be different if the Cane Corso sees them as a threat to its owner, house or yard. He is a watchdog with body and soul and defends everything he sees himself responsible for. Here it is up to his owners to make him a trustworthy dog ​​with a very good upbringing and socialization, who trusts his owner and remains level-headed.

In short: This dog needs experienced owners who know how to promote only the best qualities of the dog from the beginning, while preventing unwanted behavior.

With a good upbringing, a lovable family dog

In the right hands, the Cane Corso is a child-loving, patient and loyal dog. He loves cuddles and is easy to bring up if he is treated lovingly, consistently and fairly. He shows his playful nature and enthusiasm for work wherever he can: romping around, dog sports and performing responsible tasks such as training as a protective dog.

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