How to recognize a food mite allergy

How to recognize a food mite allergy

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When a dog constantly scratches itself, many owners think of fleas. But these symptoms can also indicate a food mite allergy. The diagnosis is not easy, so you should definitely consult a veterinarian. If your dog scratches, there may be a food mite allergy behind it - Shutterstock / Alice Mary Herden

Many dogs suffer from allergies without their owners noticing. The symptoms are not always clear. This also applies to food mite allergy. Sores on the body of your four-legged friend that come from repeated scratching can indicate skin problems on the one hand - but the cause can also be an allergy to mites. To know if it is really the small parasites that your dog is allergic to, you should watch your loyal friend closely.

Detect food mite allergy: Watch closely

Inflammation of the skin, itching and hair loss can indicate a variety of allergies. If you are allergic to food mites, however, there are often other symptoms: gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea and vomiting are typical signs that your four-legged friend could be allergic to food mites. The fact that the dogs react not only externally, but also internally is due to the fact that food mites are absorbed by the food unlike, for example, dust mites.

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A test at the veterinarian brings clarity

Whether your dog suffers from a food mite allergy or not can be determined by various tests at the veterinarian: in addition to a blood test, a so-called intracutaneous test is also possible, in which small amounts of different allergens are injected into the top layer of skin - similar to the prick test for allergies in humans.

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