Cute little beagle: care and maintenance

Cute little beagle: care and maintenance

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The friendly beagle is a dog with bred hunting instinct and a distinctive color pattern. Consistent upbringing is a must for him, while caring for the little four-legged friend is quite easy. The Beagle: A small dog that feels most comfortable in company - Image: Shutterstock / Ross Stevenson

The Beagle from Great Britain is meek, brave and almost always in a good mood. He loves to move a lot and at the same time has a tendency to hit hard when feeding. Keeping an eye on the right measure of things is therefore an important task for the owner of the small hunting dog.

Beagle posture: a dog for hunting and for the family

If you want to hold a beagle, do it a big favor with long walks where you can let off steam and run. This is where the special demands of its owner come to light: the little dog prefers to run long distances without a leash.

In order to allow and be allowed to do this, his owner not only has to keep a good eye on him, but also be sure that his pet obeys his word. Train with your four-legged friend in the dog school and invest a lot of time in a loving, patient and effective dog training of your beagle.

Space for a second dog? The beagle doesn't like to be alone

It is also very important for the colorful, lovely dog ‚Äč‚Äčthat he is alone as little as possible. The beagle has been bred as a pack dog and is very familiar with community life. If he is alone, he is sad, so you should either have enough time yourself or be allowed to take him to work. If you cannot do this, you should treat him to a companion with whom he can enjoy his beagle life together!

Pretty beagle: pictures of the little colorful hound

Care of a beagle: tips

With its short, smooth fur, this hunting dog is one of the easy-care representatives of dog breeds. From time to time brushing is enough, they also regularly check the eyes, ears and claws of your loyal friend, because on his adventurous excursions he can add one or two minor injuries.

It is important that you keep a balanced diet on your beagle. His passion for eating is not good for him if it gives him overweight, because that is very unhealthy, especially for small dogs like him.

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