If the dog has diarrhea: what you can feed

Does your dog have diarrhea? A lot of water and light food are the order of the day - Shutterstock / Chendongshan

If the dog has diarrhea, it is important that he drinks enough. Here you will also learn how to feed him after the symptoms have subsided in order to gently get him used to solid food again.

In the event of acute diarrhea, the dog, in consultation with the veterinarian, must first go on a zero diet for 24 hours to alleviate the symptoms. Most sick animals don't want to eat anything either, but should definitely drink plenty of fresh water.

If the dog has diarrhea: drink plenty of water

Fill your dog's water bowl with fresh water several times a day and make sure that he really drinks it. You can also add a second bowl in which you add a little unseasoned meat broth to the water.

The vet can also prescribe an electrolyte solution or a probiotic powder for your dog. You can dissolve the electrolyte solution and probiotic powder in water and give it to your four-legged friend to drink. If the animal loses too much fluid or is still very young, an infusion is required - this usually requires a stay in the veterinary clinic.

For more tips on how to help your dog if he has acute diarrhea, see the following guide:

Does your dog have diarrhea? A lot of water and light food are the order of the day - Shutterstock / Chendongshan

Gentle food for your dog: what you can feed

If the diarrhea improves after a day or two, you can start feeding your dog with light food. You can buy light food in the pet store or prepare it yourself. If the dog has diarrhea, lean meat is a good choice to slowly get him used to solid foods again. On the advice of many veterinarians, it should have been cooked or otherwise fat-free and heated without additives. Chicken, beef and sheep are ideal for gentle dog nutrition.

Rice is also good for most sick four-legged friends. Cook the rice salt-free and mix it with low-fat curd cheese or cottage cheese. Cooking bag rice is best for this. To bring some variety to your dog's nutritional plan with light food, you can also give them homemade, unseasoned mashed potatoes. Boiled pumpkin and boiled carrots are also easy to digest and therefore good if your dog has diarrhea.

Does your dog have diarrhea? A lot of water and light food are the order of the day - Shutterstock / Chendongshan

After the illness: Slowly get used to normal food again

Give your dog small portions at the beginning, if possible, and distribute them throughout the day. He has to get used to eating again. If you get better, you can gradually add normal food to the light food step by step until it can finally eat normally again.

Dog nutrition for chronic diarrhea: what helps?

If your dog has chronic diarrhea, it is important to determine the causes of it. So be sure to go to the vet with your dog and have them checked if the diarrhea does not subside due to the measures mentioned and after the gentle diet. Even if the diarrhea occurs again and again, a visit to the vet is a must. There is often a food allergy or food intolerance if your dog has persistent diarrhea.

In this case, your dog must receive special food permanently. High-quality proteins and high-quality fats are important, which your four-legged friend can digest well. Food supplements with vitamins and minerals may be necessary to prevent deficiency symptoms. If your dog has chronic intestinal inflammation (IBD) or pancreatic weakness (EPI), this can also lead to persistent diarrhea. In addition to the special feed, lifelong medication may then be required.

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