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Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019: The funniest animal pictures

Animals can be pretty weird sometimes. How funny, the current finalists of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards show quite impressively. A good mood is guaranteed! Hach yes, you should be a monkey - Picture: Thomas Mangelsen / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019

It is a happy coincidence when animals do something funny and a photographer is present who presses the shutter button and captures the moment. Exactly such moments are the subject of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

This is an annual photo competition founded by photographers and conservationists Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam. The focus of the contest: animals that do fun things.

The competition is primarily funny, but it also has a serious background: the founders also want to draw attention to the importance of nature and the protection of species.

That is why there are tips for everyday life in this way. For example, consumers are encouraged to shop more responsibly and to ensure that water is used economically.

Once again, the year has come: The 40 finalists of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have only recently been announced. The winners of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards will be recognized on November 13th. There are many contenders for the prices - and one is funnier than the other. Would you like a taste?

"If a zebra comes to the doctor ..."

"Not Monday again!", This bear seems to think.

Atchoo! We just have to sneeze from watching.

Who would have thought that breakdancing foxes were a thing?

Does this Japanese macaque curse the photographer?

There are more pictures here.

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