This is how dogs say "I love you": 4 characters

Yes, dogs can love people, not only dog ​​owners know that. But how do the fur noses show their affection? There are several signs that tell you that your four-legged friend really loves you. If a dog truly loves you, you can count yourself lucky - Shutterstock / Inna Astakhova

Dogs are pack animals and you, as the owner, are usually the pack leader in the eyes of your pet. You can tell from the following signs that your dog not only sees you as a "leader", but also loves you as a friend.

1. Regular joy of greeting

You come home from work, open the front door and you can hear wild pawing dog paws approaching. Your dog wags its tail, looks at you happily, may bark effusively or jump up on you? Each of these symbols stands for: "I am glad that you are here" and expresses love.

2. Trust means love

You can tell whether your dog loves you by the fact that he trusts you. Does your dog look at you when he doesn't know what to do or when a situation is unknown and possibly even dangerous? Then he trusts you and sees you as a social benchmark. Closeness is also trust: You will notice when your dog is looking for you - he would not do it if he did not trust you.

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3. Physical closeness is closeness to the soul

If a dog wants to be physically close to its owner, it usually means that it is close to you mentally. If a dog lies close to you or even sleeps close to you, you can assume that he appreciates your friendship, accepts your protection, and probably loves you deeply.

4. Show love through care

If your dog loves you, he wants you to be fine. His care can be shown in several ways. So if he sees a potential aggressor on the street, he may protect you in the face of danger. But also taking care of ailments shows his love. Is your dog often looking for someone close to you when you're sick or sad? This is typical behavior for a caring dog.

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