Why do cats love laundry baskets and fresh laundry?

Most cats are happy when it is washing day - as soon as the fresh laundry from the dryer or the drying rack is folded up and safely stowed in the laundry basket, your cat jumps behind and lies comfortably on the clean laundry. But why do cats love the mountains of laundry and empty laundry baskets so much? But that looks cozy: cat in the laundry basket - Shutterstock / MaxyM

In general, cats have a sure sense of which sleeping places are best for them. They usually choose places that give them security, warmth and the opportunity to observe their surroundings in peace. Laundry and laundry baskets meet these requirements particularly well.

Fresh laundry: cat in the laundry basket

Freshly ironed or tumble-dried laundry is warm and wonderfully soft - especially when it is stacked on top of each other in the laundry basket. In addition, your cat can lie on the laundry heap a little higher and use it as a viewpoint. Can you imagine a more ideal place for a short break or a comfortable nap?

But beware! Sometimes cats make themselves comfortable directly in the loaded dryer or in the washing machine. You should therefore take a quick look before you close the door and switch on the device so that nothing happens to your fur nose.

For the four-legged friends, fresh laundry often smells familiar of its owners, so that they feel safe there - so it is also proof of love if your cat decorates your freshly washed clothes with cat hair. However, it is also possible that the cat's own smell is no longer so intense due to the washing and your fur nose thinks that it should mark the laundry pile again as their property.

Laundry baskets offer security

Cats love to rest in boxes, bags and other containers. This is because they are secured by walls on all sides, so that your cat can make itself small and hide. Nevertheless, she has a good view of her surroundings from here and kills several birds with one stone.

So if you want to make your cat happy and still do the laundry in peace, you can put a laundry basket as a place to sleep, perhaps with your favorite blanket so that it is a little softer. If you are lucky, you will have the option of ironing your laundry or getting them out of the dryer and folding them up without your kitty snuggling up in the pile.

Is your cat happy? That's how you recognize it

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Cat steals laundry for pleasure or to relieve stress

In most cases, your cat's coveted stolen goods are lightweight: hair ties, socks, clothes pegs or underwear can have a very stimulating effect on the hunting or play instinct. If you miss one of your items and know that your cat likes to walk around with it from time to time, take a look near the feeding area. Cats perceive the feeding place as a safe place and therefore often place their “prey” there.

The charms in an apartment can quickly become uninteresting for your cat. Some cats compensate for boredom and stress by collecting items. In rare cases, your four-legged friend can become so passionate about collecting that it becomes a kind of compulsory act. To counteract this behavior, you should regularly play with your cat or move the cat tree to a different location. This gives your cat a completely new look at your own four walls.

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