Cat grandpa Mason cuddles aura and kittens with his girlfriend

Cat grandpa Mason and his cat friend Aura both live in the Canadian cat care station "TinyKittens HQ" with their rescuer Shelly Roche. The two love to take care of the foundling kittens that are pumped up at "TinyKittens HQ" and later placed in a loving home.

Glückskatze Aura and Katzenopa Mason have snuggled together in their soft cat basket and feel very comfortable there. All around them are kittens that climb into their little basket. Of course, these are immediately cuddled, hearted and cleaned - left of Aura, right of Mason. Teamwork can be so fluffy!

Cat grandpa Mason has had some experience babysitting kittens. It's hard to believe that this older gentleman from the wild stray cat would one day become such a cuddly cuddly cheek. In addition, Mason suffers from chronic renal insufficiency - but thanks to Mistress Shelly's loving care and medication, it is doing well. His story can be seen again in the following video.

Glückskatze Aura has also had a dramatic fate. As a kitten, she had a cleft palate that was so large that she could not eat and drink normally. Shelly regularly fed her through a small tube and pulled Aura up with her hand until she was old enough to have surgery.

Aura grew and grew, bravely struggled a bit every day - and survived. Her determination finally earned her the daring nickname "Auracuda".

Her cleft palate was surgically reconstructed with the bone of a donor animal - a dog. A groundbreaking undertaking - it worked. Now Aura has grown up and passes on the love and care that saved her life to her velvet-pawed proteges.

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