Cute dog puppy finds cat tail too seductive

Cute dog puppy finds cat tail too seductive

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He just can't resist: The urge of this puppy in the video below is just too big. Again and again he nudges his roommate on her cock. Fortunately, the velvet paw takes it easy!

This dog and his cat friend could not be more different: While the kitty stands relaxed at the window and looks out, it seems that the puppy is too bored. He is very lively and when the sweet fur nose then notices her tail wagging back and forth, he can no longer hold on: he starts to jump and nudges him.

And how does the cat react to the cute attack? It shows itself unimpressed and simply continues to follow the events outside. Even when the puppy makes another attempt, the kitty stays calm. But as the saying goes: All good things come in threes ... or were there four?

Dog and cat get used to each other

Dog and cat can live peacefully together in one household - provided the four-legged friends ...

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