Cats Jugg, Marmalade and Zig Zag scan their plush bottom

A scanner + cats = lots of fun! The cat friends Jugg, Marmalade and Zig Zag sit on a scanner - and have their plush buttocks copied by their "dad" Chris Poole. You can see how funny it looks in the video.

At the beginning tortoiseshell cat Zig Zag can be seen sniffing the scanner curiously but suspiciously. Then the device is too suspicious for her and she prefers to keep her distance.

Jugg and Marmalade are not that shy. They simply sit on the device and have their fluffy cat buttocks scanned.

Zig Zag seems to be encouraged by this, because she finally dares to have her fluffy backside scanned too. Only one wants to have nothing to do with such silly things: Cole, the oldest of Chris Poole's lively cat gang.

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