Bitch Gabby excites in agility competition with speed

Fast, faster, Gabby: That this Papillon bitch can do it was impressively demonstrated in the "2019 WKC Masters Agility" competition. As part of this, the little four-legged friend convinced with one thing: speed.

Even before the start signal, it becomes clear that Gabby can hardly wait to start running. The sweet fur nose seems to have pepper in the rear. When it really starts, there is finally no stopping the bitch: she literally sweeps over the obstacles and the course, and so quickly that even her mistress doesn't follow.

It is clear that the audience is thrilled with such a pace. By the way, Gabby won the race with a time of 39.31 seconds. This made the four-legged friend faster than her other competitors, who were about 20 centimeters tall.

There was applause from the audience for this top performance and high fives from their proud owner. Gabby is now also celebrated by Internet users. For example, a user said in the comments below the YouTube video: "Great dog. And so cute!" We have nothing more to add to that.

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