Bitch Mia tries to get older adoptive brothers to play

This sight is simply dear to the heart: the little bitch Mia wants to play with her adoptive brother Roso. It's just stupid that he's older and likes it more cozy.

Mia was lucky in misfortune: Because as can be seen from the description of this YouTube video, the lively fur nose was found in a garbage can last winter. The previous owner had apparently wanted to get rid of them there in a heartless, cruel way.

Meanwhile, Mia has found a new home. And not only has she won new owners, but also a friend. We're talking about Roso. However, the older adoptive brother is a lot more comfortable than the bright Mia. Nevertheless, she leaves no stone unturned to encourage her boyfriend to frolic. "Come on, play with me!", The four-legged friend seems to want to say to his colleague Roso. An uneven, but really cute, animal duo!

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