World Dog Day: three magical dog videos

World Dog Day: three magical dog videos

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In honor of our loyal four-legged friends, World Dog Day is celebrated today. These three wonderful videos impressively prove that our fluffy friends deserve it!

Video 1: Welcome home, master

One of the most beautiful dog videos that can be found on Youtube has over 26,000 "likes" and shows how a dog greets its owner after not having seen it for six months. Isn't it beautiful?

Video 2: You wait for little friends

Loyalty is very important to dogs, even if their human friend is so small. This can be seen particularly well in this video entitled "A child, a dog and a puddle". How sweet!

Video 3: You don't let small puppies down

The third video also shows that dogs are simply faithful souls. They stand for each other, in good and bad times, and give little four-legged friends a little tuition, as you can see in this great and very cute movie. We love dogs!

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