Man befriends stray kittens

The stray kitten in the video was very lucky when it met Californian Justin LaRose. It instantly sparked between Minimiez and Mensch - the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

As Justin LaRose later told "Love Meow", he was at lunch break when he heard a pitiful meow. He saw a small black kitten near a garbage can that was apparently foraging.

Justin crouched down and let the minimiez sniff his hand. The kitten immediately trusted the man and crawled on his lap. There it could be petted and purred contentedly.

After asking around in the area and finding out that nobody missed a black kitten, he picked up the black fur bundle. It followed him everywhere, climbed onto his shoulders and didn't want to go down.

In the meantime, the kitten has become a handsome black salon panther named Grizzly. Grizzly and Justin are still the best of friends.

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