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Cat scratches door at night: what to do?

Many cats scratch the bedroom door at night - after all, it's much more comfortable in the bed of their owners than in the hallway. If you want to get rid of the annoying behavior, only one thing helps: consequence. Scratching the bedroom door: common for most cats - Image: Shutterstock / DragoNika

Once the bedroom door is closed, it doesn't take long for the cat to complain. She meows loudly and she scratches the door. Not only can this cause damage, it can also be quite annoying, especially at night. But why do velvet paws behave like this?

Why do cats scratch the bedroom door?

If cats scratch the bedroom door, it means they want to go to their people and don't understand why they're locked out. It is for this reason that this behavior can be observed primarily at night when the owner goes to bed and closes the door behind him.

So think carefully about whether you want to leave your cat's door open at night - you would surely give her a lot of pleasure. If this is not possible, for example due to a cat allergy, it makes sense to stop the velvet paw from scratching and to teach her that the bedroom is completely taboo.

When cats scratch on closed doors: training

Many cats tend to scratch on closed doors - regardless of whether their reference person within ...

Even if the cat paws: The bedroom door remains closed

If your cat is not allowed into the bedroom at night, it will be much easier for you to explain to her if you do not let her in during the day. That means the door always stays closed, without exception.

This will also bother your cat at the beginning when you leave her alone and disappear behind the door. Most likely, she'll scratch the door and meow outside - maybe all night.

Most cat owners try to deal with it by scolding or comforting themselves and are happy to be drawn into opening the door - but that's exactly what the cat wants, attention.

As long as you literally reward them for your behavior, your kitty will not stop scratching the bedroom door. Instead, only one thing helps: you have to ignore your room tiger completely.

With consequence against scratching on the bedroom door

In order for the cat to understand that it is not allowed in the room and to learn that scratching the door is not worth it, you need perseverance: you do not react to meowing or scratching on your door, even if it is heartbreaking or disturbing and You can't sleep.

You shouldn't scold or soften: your cat has to learn that scratching the door doesn't do anything. However, this can take a few (noisy) days or weeks to make it easier for you if you play the cat tired late at night and maybe give it something to eat. Because then there is a greater likelihood that you will lie down in your own cat basket at night and rest more quickly.

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