Simon's Cat takes on jazz with his neighbors

That smells like trouble! Then Simon's Cat just wanted to play a little ball in the garden when his toy suddenly rolled over the property line - in the middle of the neighborhood of neighboring tomcat Jazz. What to do?

Simon's Cat looks around cautiously to see if the neighboring cat is in sight. "The air is clear," he seems to think, but for safety's sake he tries to get his ball back, if possible without entering the foreign area. Not easy.

And then neighbors tomcat Jazz shows up and peers out of the laundry in a rather bad mood. After a short banter, it's clear that jazz is out for a fight. The two cats fight each other and then have a scratching contest on the nearby tree.

Fortunately, Simon's Cat can win it for himself. Nevertheless, in the end he does not miss the opportunity to set his mark with a small pile on the foreign territory. A little bit of defiance has to be.

But the story between Simon's Cat and neighboring tomcat Jazz has only just begun. Next, the two fight over domination on the garden fence. Who will win this time?

In the third part, Jazz tries to regain its position of power on the garden fence. But this time Simon's Cat gets reinforcements from the kitten ...

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