A snowman for the Japanese cat flat share

The cats in the video live together in a beautiful, cat-friendly house in Japan. But they don't know one thing: snow. That's why the owner of the fleece noses came up with something - and quickly built a little snowman for the kitty.

He designed the face of the snowman from cat treats. The fur lines approach the snowman with curiosity, but also a little carefully. Then they find out that the snow can be licked off wonderfully and treat themselves comfortably.

The cheeky Golden Retriever puppy Kuuta, who moved into the Japanese cat flat a few weeks earlier, is not afraid of the snowman. However, it is also a bit stormy. He simply wipes his face off the snowman and afterwards even throws it completely over.

Fortunately, there still seems to be enough snow in the garden for new snowmen.

Winter fun with cats: cold is fun!

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