Ragdoll tomcat Timo and Toby research the vacuum cleaner robot

Cats and vacuum cleaners - that's a phenomenon in itself. The sweet Ragdoll cats Timo and Toby are no different, as the following YouTube video shows.

While Timo the vacuum cleaner robot is suspicious of his owner and he even seems a little afraid of it, newcomer Toby just looks curious. When the vacuum cleaner robot returns to its charging station, the animal duo has the opportunity to inspect the thing up close.

And who would have thought that? When the vacuum cleaner made its next rounds, Toby at least took a liking to it. The Ragdoll cat takes advantage of the opportunity and makes it really cozy on the household appliance.

Why should you run yourself when you can comfortably drive around and are even taken to the feeding station? The whole thing is fun too. Oh yes, that's the way to live!

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