Panda's zoo staff keep you from cleaning up so sweetly

A YouTube video impressively shows how difficult it can be to clean up a panda enclosure. The short clip shows that the little fluffy bears know exactly how to stop a zoo worker in China from working.

Getting into the enclosure alone is not easy for the zookeeper. The pandas are waiting in front of the gate. So a little distraction is needed!

First of all, the zoo employee wants to clean the enclosure in peace - this also includes collecting the leaves in a basket. But the woman did not do the math with the pandas. Because they are targeting this basket.

The little bears not only keep the zookeeper from working, for example by claiming the rake for themselves, but also make fun of distributing the collected leaves beautifully again.

This makes collecting leaves a real challenge for the zookeeper. The whole thing is funny to look at!

Panda bears - funny spotted cuddly bears

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