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Find the right food bowl for the dog

From the classic ceramic food bowl to stainless steel variants to the food bar - the selection of tableware for the dog is huge. Of course, the different offers bring advantages and disadvantages. You can find out what these are and how to find the right food bowl for your dog here. Image: Shutterstock / Masahito Mori

No dog household without a food bowl! Strictly speaking, a four-legged friend needs at least two bowls - one for eating and one for water. But what is there to be aware of when it comes to the bowl?

One thing is certain: the look of the model is not the only decisive factor. There are many other criteria to consider when choosing the right product.

How big should the dog's food bowl be?

Before choosing the color or design of a food bowl, make sure the size of the dinnerware matches the size of your dog.

The bowl should match the amount of food your four-legged friend has. Basically, it is advisable to always include a little more space. This way your dog doesn't spill so much.

Finding the dog's food bowl: what material?

When choosing a food bowl, the most important thing is that it is functional. This includes sufficient stability, which depends on the material of the dinnerware. When it comes to choosing the material, you need to decide which solution is the most practical for you. Each material has advantages, but also disadvantages.

Plastic, ceramic or stainless steel?

Plastic food bowls are inexpensive, for example, but they are usually relatively light and tend to tip over. Some dog owners also reject plastic bowls because they may be able to secrete pollutants.

The situation is different with ceramic food bowls. They are high quality and coated on the inside. Compared to plastic products, ceramic bowls are more expensive, but also heavier. That makes them particularly stable.

There is also a stainless steel food bowl. These are hygienic and very robust. However, they can rattle and are not quite as cheap as the representatives made of plastic.

Is it harmful for dogs to share a water bowl?

Especially when it is warm, restaurants and shops often have a water bowl for dogs ...

Food bowl for the dog: what else to consider?

When it comes to bowls for fur noses, non-slip edges are particularly recommended. Rubber knobs, for example, prevent the dinnerware from rattling on hard floors and slipping on smooth surfaces. In this way, the dog does not push the food bowl across the room during the meal.

Alternatively, food bowl pads also provide practical services: on the one hand, the mat does not slide on the floor and, on the other hand, the bowl does not slide on the mat.

If your four-legged friend is long-eared, you should buy a food bowl with a high rim and a narrow diameter. So your dog's long ears do not hang straight away when eating.

Feed bars and feed stations as an alternative to the feed bowl

A feed bar is particularly useful if you have two dogs of different sizes or a growing dog. Two feeding bowls at different heights can be attached to a metal frame. This gives the dogs the opportunity to eat from a height that is comfortable for them.

A feeding station or automatic feeder, on the other hand, is an advantage if your four-legged friend tends to sling. The machine only allocates individual chunks of food, so the dog is forced to eat slowly.

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