Why dogs are great pets: 7 good reasons

We voluntarily enter into a long-term bond with them: dogs. Four-legged friends accompany their humans for up to 16 years and bring them many joys. They're just pets to fall in love with, for good reason. A magical friendship between dog and human ... Shutterstock / Aloha Hawaii

At this point, dog lovers know exactly why their pets are good pets. If your fur nose chewed your shoes this morning and you're understandably upset - here are 7 good reasons to forgive them quickly:

Reason 1: couple dogs

Everyone knows this: two people have the same interest or hobby and a conversation is created. But these two people have to meet first. Which place is more suitable than the park? When going for a walk, many acquaintances were made or even great love was found. All too often, a four-legged friend makes the first contact and thus helps to find a partner. It is only bad if one of our fellow human beings enters the big business of our dog. Then it will probably not be a good conversation. Or is it?

Reason 2: dogs help

Greetings from Lassie: Dogs save lives not only on television. As detection dogs, they also look for drugs and explosives in real life or find survivors buried under the rubble as trained rescue dogs after an earthquake. A guide dog shows its owner lovingly the way. In the country, the herd is held together by a herding dog and a hunting dog reliably does its hard job on the side of a hunter. With such diversity and intelligence, the dog simply has to be a favorite pet.

Reason 3: move dogs

While some people hang out on the couch at home, dog parents say: Open up! Let's go outside, Wauwi has to. That may not always be nice, especially in wind and weather. But it keeps you fit! You can not only move with a four-legged friend when walking the dog: most dog breeds are suitable for various dog sports and some four-legged friends also cut a fine figure next to the beloved horse as companion dogs.

Reason 4: Protect dogs

It's just that: with our four-legged friend next to the bed or in front of our door, we immediately feel much safer. And one thing is certain: a dog would give his life for his dearest people. Sometimes it is enough if he scares away unwanted visitors ... But psssst!

Playful dogs: "Not without my cuddly toy!"

Reason 5: dogs communicate

... in their own way. A dog beeps, barks, wags its tail or growls. Mostly, mistresses or masters also understand what Bello wants. But especially good-hearted dog owners have to be careful: if Bello puts on the dog's eye again while eating because he wants to dust something, it means to stay hard. Otherwise the next point is particularly difficult.

Reason 6: Dogs can be brought up

"Sit", "place", "give paw", "get the ball": These commands and much more can be learned by the learned four-legged friend. Important in dog training are clear rules that must be conveyed by the owner in a dog-friendly manner and consistency. The practice starts early in the puppy age. The puppy play group offers an opportunity to shape and socialize small dogs. Larger dogs learn new things at the dog school or at the dog trainer. You can find out more about this in our "Dog training" section.

Reason 7: Dogs show affection

A dog is a family member, playmate, friend, cuddly partner and listener (even if Bello may not always understand what mistress or owner are telling him). It's a lot of what we humans put on our four-legged friends. However, we always have the feeling that they like to do it. Oh, and how nice it is to come home and be happily awaited by the big or small whirlwind. You can even be happy about slobbering on the face when the four-legged friends give dog kisses.

There are certainly more reasons why dogs are simply great pets, every dog ​​person knows that. With the four-legged friends there are one or two funny moments:

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