Corgi Jojo is a real surfing professional

What a water rat! Corgi Jojo loves to get on his surfboard and ride the waves. And the little four-legged friend is really good at it, as a YouTube video impressively proves.

Corgi Jojo from California is no fool on the surfboard. When the dog rides the waves, he is fully in his element. The eight-year-old four-legged friend can literally see the joy of surfing.

Jojo has been surfing for three years. Its owner Josephine Zosa explained to the portal "Ladbible" that water sports are a kind of therapy for the corgi. The cute fur nose was attacked once by two other dogs. "We then had to take Jojo to the emergency vet. After his surgery, we started hydrotherapy."

Meanwhile the little corgi is doing very well. Surfing helped him become healthy and strong. The whole thing has another positive side effect, as Josephine Zosa also reveals: "We like to be in the water. It connects us and it is just fun to be able to spend time together."

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