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Cole and Marmalade get two little cats sisters

The two cats, Cole and Marmalade, are big friends and have long been a celebrity among Internet cats. Her "dad" Chris Poole regularly takes care of kittens with his lady of the heart so that they can be brought up later. The two have now taken two of their current foster kittens to their hearts so much that they have decided: Cole and Marmalade are getting sisters!

The two Schnuffelschnuten are called Jugg and Zig Zag and both have an enchanting tortoiseshell pattern. Now owners Chris and Jess have a red tomcat (marmalade), a black tomcat (Cole) and two black and red mini cats (Jugg and Zig Zag) in the family.

However, the big cats and kittens have not yet met because the cat girls still had to be neutered. As soon as they have recovered, the fur noses are brought together.

Jugg recorded Chris and Jess with their siblings when they were tiny. They were less than two weeks young, full of fleas and malnourished. But Chris and Jess looked after the kittens again. Two of the velvet paws move into a loving new home and Jugg is now part of the Cole-and-Marmalade family.

Zig Zag got lost under a car when Chris and Jess found her. In the middle of the main street they saved the small, completely frightened ball of fur and named it home. The name Zig Zag (about "zigzag") was quickly established. For one thing, the minimiez had to zigzag across the street to get under the car. Second, she has an adorable orange flash in the middle of her pout:

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