Atchoo! Cat has to sneeze so wonderfully

This heather gray cat becomes an internet hit. The reason for this is her fervent sneezing. Simply dearest!

Who does not know it? It starts with a very fine tingling in the nose, which gradually gets stronger - until you finally have to sneeze. This little velvet paw, whose video is currently circulating on the net, is no different.

The cuddle is sitting on the bed, in the background you can see a "Harry Potter" film. Suddenly her little nose tingles. That's pretty sweet to look at the sweet kitty. Peu à peu something builds up until she finally shakes with sneezing.

The video of the cute cat is well received by users on the Internet. "He is allergic to Harry Potter," jokes one user in the comments, while another shows solidarity. She writes: "After seeing this, I actually had to sneeze twice."

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