Cat nibbles on cables: These are possible reasons

As a cat owner you should know the problem: Your four-legged friend likes to nibble on cables. Unfortunately, this is not only annoying, but also life-threatening for the animal. Here we will tell you what the reasons are for your cat tampering with the rubber-coated cables. If cables are no longer safe from your cat, dental problems can be the cause - Image: Shutterstock / OKcamera

Some cats seem to prefer to nibble in the apartment rather than cables. However, this behavior can be dangerous for the animal. On the one hand, the cat can swallow toxic plastic parts, on the other hand it can also suffer an electric shock. But why exactly do the four-legged friends feel so drawn to cables?

Causes of cable nibbling

There are different reasons why a cat nibbles on cables. It is therefore important to get to the bottom of the exact cause and eliminate it. These are possible reasons why a kitty simply cannot keep her paws off power cables:

• Boredom: When a cat is exposed to a low-stimulus environment and is bored, it tends to bite on cables. The animal seeks variety with its behavior. The cat also learns that it gets attention when it goes off the hook forbidden.

• Curiosity: Whether shopping bags, toys or just an empty box, cats are by nature true explorers. You would like to explore everything, and also with teeth and claws. Unfortunately, power cables are also not safe from their urge to explore.

• Toothache: Toothache can also underlie cable nibbling - for example as a result of changing teeth in young animals. Because just like humans, cats lose their milk teeth. If the four-legged friends get their permanent teeth, it can be painful or at least uncomfortable. Cats can sometimes remedy this by chewing on objects - including power cables.

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Keep cat away from cables

Depending on the cause, there are various ways to stop the cat from nibbling on cables. For example, if you are bored, one thing helps: employment. Are you sure you have enough cat toys? Does your fur-bearing roommate have enough opportunities for climbing and exercise? A longer-term solution can also be to buy a second cat. Because boredom does not arise in two.

To avoid worrying about potentially life-threatening electric shocks, you should make cables inaccessible to your cat. You should stick free hanging cables. The cables can be easily hidden using classic cable hoses or skirting boards. Cable sprays with lemon, vinegar or chili paste can also ensure that the cat stays away from the cables.

However, if your cat bites on cables due to the change of teeth, you should see a veterinarian with her. He can give you tips and prescribe a homeopathic remedy for your animal if necessary.

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