Squirrels with green plaster delight the net

This squirrel was once again lucky: it fell from the tree and broke its arm. The little rodent is currently thrilling the net with bright green plaster.

A storm shook New York vigorously. A storm swept across the state and even caused trees to fall. In one of them was a nest of two squirrels.

Fortunately, as the Orphaned Wildlife Center explains on a YouTube video, a friendly woman was immediately on hand. When she heard a whimper from the branches, she spotted the two little baby squirrels.

The helper didn't hesitate long and brought the small rodents straight to the vet. He found that one of the squirrels had broken an arm as a result of the fall. The fluffy patient was suddenly given a plaster in bright green and should now quickly recover from his rapid dive.

The fur ball of course comes with enough food, as the YouTube video of the cute little racer shows. Really dearest!

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