Very easy: make cat toys yourself

Hair tie, ballpoint pen, cardboard box: Our room tigers have always preferred to choose their cat toys themselves; most objects of their desire are far from high purchase costs. However, you can also easily make cat toys yourself, then both your fur nose and yourself will have fun.

The creators of this video give a good tip. Take a few cardboard boxes and a few small, curious cats and build a great and very simple playground for the kitty. The little heroes Coco, Panda, Paris, Pikachu, Peter, Pavel and Persey prove that such a cardboard cardboard fortress is far from boring!

If you want to offer your darlings some variety and strengthen the motor skills of the young cats, these toy mice can make a good contribution. You can find more tips for cat games in our guides "Playing correctly with the cat: 4 avoidable mistakes" and "Playing with cats: This is how it stays exciting!".

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