Simon's Cat: "Rain is stupid!"

Even on a rainy day, Simon's Cat doesn't want to miss a little walk around in the garden. But in this video, it is not easy for the cat to keep her fur dry.

"It's raining! Oh dear, I have to be careful now!" Thinks Simon's Cat and ventures outside despite the rain. The cheeky kitty is hiding under a bird bath and still wants to catch a bird. Shortly afterwards, your animal roommate suddenly jumps out of the house and surprises the cat with his joy of jumping around in the rain and enjoying the cool water. The young cat does not miss the chance to annoy the water-shy kitty a little.

"Splash!", The water spilled from the potions on Simon's Cat. The little playmate is happy and goes back into the house and closes the cat flap. Naughty guy! Now the cat is standing outside when it suddenly starts to rain. An exciting day for Simon's Cat!

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