Wellness with dogs: relaxation for humans and animals

A little relaxation in between is good for you and your four-legged friend. But how does wellness work best with dogs? Below you will find a few ideas and suggestions to relax with your animal companion. Wellness with a dog on the beach, relaxation is guaranteed - Shutterstock / Sundays Photography

For wellness with the dog, you can go on vacation on the one hand and look for dog-friendly accommodation - or you can make yourself comfortable with your four-legged friend at home and reserve a day at the weekend for yourself and your furry-nosed friend.

Wellness with dogs: relaxation for four-legged friends

Although our animal family members can enjoy a massage and are occasionally involved in yoga, they usually have very modest demands for their well-being. A really nice walk in nature, in peace with your favorite person, is the best relaxation for you.

In between a small game or a round of dog training brings variety and is fun, but otherwise you don't have to think about a fancy fun program in advance. If your dog is a water rat - for example a Newfoundland dog or a Labrador Retriever - you can also take a trip to a swimming lake where dogs are allowed. Then your darling can splash and relax to their heart's content.

How to relax at the wellness with the dog

Just take it easy with the wellness, then you will soon feel how the stress drops from you - and this mood is then transferred to your dog. Breathe deeply in the fresh air in nature and concentrate fully on your four-legged friend, yourself and the beautiful surroundings. In the evening you can make yourself comfortable on the sofa and watch a nice movie with your woof on the side or read and cuddle a good book.

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Wellness with your dog: tips and ideas for your vacation

If you fancy a longer holiday for wellness with your dog, you should plan this as early as possible. For example, some wellness hotels allow you to bring your four-legged friend with you and offer dog care. So you can get a massage or enjoy another wellness treatment, while your dog is looked after and engaged with its fellow species. Would you prefer to relax with your dog? Then there are holidays on the dog beach, where you can breathe the good sea air together, bathe in the sea or play on the beach.

Walking with the dog can also be very relaxing - basically it's just a long, long walk in nature. Another option for wellness with the dog is to rent an animal-friendly holiday home in the country. In this way, you can freely decide whether you want to take a trip into nature or make yourself comfortable in the house.

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