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Cupcake, Roodi, Kami and Co .: cats celebrate Christmas

The cats Cupcake, Roodi, Monkey, Thunder and Kami live together with their favorite people in Canada and are already preparing for Christmas. In the video, the fur noses give tips on how to enjoy the feast days by cat type. For example, by looking at the cold winter weather from the cozy, warm living room window.

In addition, as a cat you can wonderfully help trim the Christmas tree (but be careful! The pine needles should not swallow fur noses if possible). Christmas hats are not very popular with kitties, but luckily you can easily shake them off. The holidays are also perfect for taking a nap in the box or on the bed or on your lap.

And of course there are also gifts for the Schnuffelschnuten - stuffed mice and small pillows with catnip. But the best thing is to spend time with the family - regardless of whether they are the favorite people or the favorite velvet paws.

Nice Christmas gifts for cats

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