Cats are particularly cuddly in winter

When it gets colder outside in winter, cats seem to prefer to snuggle up in the house. They often show themselves extremely cuddly to their people of the heart. What's behind it? Such a plump, cozy hour with a cat is the most beautiful thing in winter - Shutterstock / Africa Studio

Especially with free-range cats it is striking that they are particularly domestic and cuddly in winter. In addition, they get their winter fur in cold temperatures and are then even fluffier than usual. So use the otherwise uncomfortable winter time to cuddle with your cat and take care of its fur.

Cats seek warmth in winter

Despite their soft winter fur, cats are often too cold and uncomfortable outside in winter. Therefore, they prefer to look for cozy warmth indoors and love it when they are available for additional pats. If your cat is very cuddly in winter, don't be afraid to make yourself comfortable on the sofa with a warm blanket. Then your fur nose will prefer to look for you. However, stay calm and relaxed so that your kitty can arrive on its own.

Otherwise, you can offer your cat a cozy home in winter by placing a cat bed close to the heater or the fireplace. Many cats also appreciate having a heat pad ready for them. But be careful: it must not be too hot, otherwise your room tiger will burn its paws.

Cuddly cats snuggle up to sleep

Enjoy cuddly grooming

However, the dry heating air can cause your cat to suffer from dry, sensitive skin. Dandruff can form, which you can easily remove with a loving brush massage. The gentle coat care also gives your cat's skin better blood circulation and protects it better from the cold.

In addition, there is hardly anything more beautiful in winter than cuddling in the warm living room with the cat and listening to its purring during the small wellness treatment.

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