Cat logic with cole and marmalade

Cole and jam are two very special examples. The two are like the philosophers under the velvet paws. Strictly according to the principle: everything can be derived. Also and especially when it comes to the behavior of cats. If that's too high for you, you should urgently take lessons in cat logic. Or watch this video.

"Who said I was hanging around on the kitchen counter? Yes, I made myself comfortable on the magazine. Everything else is just a pretense." Or: "Help with housework? By definition, the useful can be combined with the pleasant." It continues like this. Whether the shower rod as a metaphor for the endangered scratching post, cleaning actions with a swapped subject or the relevance of being using the example of an insect - these line thinkers let their theories run wild.

"One more thing: Just because my tail can be seen, does not theoretically mean that the rest are not invisible. Alright?"

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