Valentine's Day: Simon's Cat is working hard for the lady of the heart

Love is in the air! On Valentine's Day, Simon's Cat also tries to land with the opposite sex. For this, the YouTube hangover puts in a lot of effort - but unfortunately without a happy ending.

Simon's Cat fell in love with a sweet velvet paw and came up with something very special for Valentine's Day. In a romantic barn, he surprises his loved one with a heart balloon. Too bad that his loved one is not at all impressed by his gift - at least initially.

When Simon's Cat shows the kitty how great you can play with the heart balloon, it can no longer hold on to itself and rushes onto the balloon completely euphorically. What comes must come: The balloon bursts. The cute cats are terrified and get to safety behind hay bales.

Here Simon's Cat senses his chance and tries to throw himself at the cat lady and put his paw around her. But his chosen one is distracted. No trace of interest in the Stubentiger. Poor Simon's Cat! But maybe the next Valentine's Day he will be more lucky with his lady of the heart.

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