Sooooo much foam! Dog enjoys bubble bath on the beach

A storm surge in Oregon left the U.S. beach with foam. Dog Rosco has never seen anything like this and obviously the four-legged friend does not seem to get enough of it.

Dog Rosco enjoyed a bath of a special kind. A storm in Oregon caused a lot of foam on the beach. Apparently wind and waves hit salts and other particles in the sea. The result: a completely white bank - much to the delight of the four-legged friend.

Because when Rosco discovers the foam on the beach, he does not miss the chance to run into it. Again and again the dog goes into hiding. You can literally feel the joy of the fur nose. Not so easy for his master to get the completely euphoric Rosco out of the foam. Completely covered with foam, the four-legged friend ultimately has mercy.

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