Fun Facts About the Austrian Pinscher Dog

Fun Facts About the Austrian Pinscher Dog

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The Austrian pinscher, as his name implies, is originally an Austrian native and is traditionally a farm dog, used to guard livestock and work around the farm. This dog can be difficult to train and is highly protective as well as highly energetic.

Something Like a Beagle

The Austrian pinscher strongly resembles the beagle in the head and face and has many of the same markings. The Austrian pinscher has a short coat that comes in a variety of colors, such as red, black, brown, fawn, brindle (red with dark blotches) or black and tan. Some white markings are common with this dog. The tail of this dog is either docked when the dog is a puppy or curls to the left over the dog's back.

Nearly Extinct Breed

The Austrian pinscher was nearly extinct by the 1970s and efforts have been made to bring back the breed by breeding dogs who are as similar as possible to the originals. Despite all best efforts however, the breed remains extremely rare, which adds difficulty to the breeding program due to the limited gene pool. This dog has several names, including, the Austrian short-haired pinscher, the Austrian farm dog, the Osterreichischer pinscher and the Osterreichicher kurzhaarpinscher.

A Farm Dog

This dog occasionally was used as a loyal family pet but was most often used for ridding the farm of rodents and other vermin, driving cattle, alerting to strangers approaching the farm and protecting the property on the farm from theft. Before the breed became recognized, farm owners would often breed their dogs only for the purposes or traits they desired, such as calmness with children and livestock, thereby causing the breed to fluctuate wildly in appearance.

A Healthy Breed of Dog

Both the males and females of this breed can reach anywhere from 20 to 50 pounds with wide variations of sizes in between due to the fact that pure specimens of the breed are difficult to find. This breed lives from 12 to 15 years and there isn't much research done on the breed as to common genetic diseases.

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