How sweet! It is the smallest and sweetest wildcat in the world

How sweet! It is the smallest and sweetest wildcat in the world

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Ever heard of the rusty cat? Not? Then it is high time. She is the smallest wildcat in the world and the sweetest on top of that, as this BBC video shows.

The Rostkatze has its big appearance in the BBC animal documentation "Big Cats", translated "Big cats". The velvet paw is actually anything but large. The four-legged friend is considered the smallest wildcat in the world.

The rusty cat is related to the Bengal cat and looks permanently like a kitten. The sweet rusty cat weighs just over a kilogram and fits easily on a palm even when fully grown. For comparison: a domestic cat weighs an average of 3.6 to 4.5 kilograms.

Extravagant Bengal: pet with a wildcat look

In this country, you rarely meet the rusty cat, because the small wildcat is at home in the jungle of Sri Lanka, where, unlike domestic cats, it has no problem getting wet. Incidentally, the rusty cat is classified as threatened by the World Conservation Organization IUCN.

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