Causes of osteoarthritis in the dog

The causes of osteoarthritis in the dog are still not fully understood. But one thing is clear: not only the age of the dog plays a role in the development of the disease - there are also some previous diseases that can lead to joint wear. There are various causes of osteoarthritis in the dog - Image: Shutterstock / Shannon West

What is osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis in dogs is a joint disease that is caused by signs of wear in the joints and causes restricted movement and pain. Once the process has started, it does not stop by itself and wear is constantly advanced. The disease cannot be cured, but the course can be slowed down with good treatment and support.

Osteoarthritis occurs particularly often in older dogs, because over the years the four-legged joints wear out. But younger dogs can also suffer from joint wear if their joints are put under a lot of strain.

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Causes of osteoarthritis in dogs: previous illnesses

Osteoarthritis is preceded by damage to the joints. These can have very different causes. Does your dog have arthritis? Then you should pay attention to possible symptoms of osteoarthritis. Because like other joint diseases, arthritis is one of the causes of osteoarthritis.

Proper treatment of osteoarthritis in the dog is important because if this infectious joint disease is not or only insufficiently treated, joint cartilage and, as a result, the joint structure can be destroyed. Misalignments such as hip dysplasia (HD) or growth disorders can also damage the joints. In rare cases, metabolic disorders of the articular cartilage cells are the cause of arthrosis.

Joint wear due to injuries

In addition to illnesses, injuries can lead to joint damage. If your four-legged friend spares the affected parts of the body, this can always result in greater stress on other parts and the corresponding joints. In connection with injuries, inflammatory reactions can occur, which lead to water retention in the joints. This increases the pressure on the bones. This in turn promotes cartilage degradation and thus joint wear.

Pay attention to the weight

Basically, a lot of exercise is good for your darling, but you should make sure that your dog's joints are not overused. For example, climbing stairs too early or too frequently can cause joint problems as well as long walks or bike rides in puppy age.

Even if a treat cannot hurt as a reward, you should always keep an eye on the weight of your favorite. Overweight puts additional strain on the joints, leads to signs of wear and tear and is therefore also one of the causes of osteoarthritis in the dog.

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